Tales of dark history have fascinated Matt Lake for years. He and the other writers in the Dead Of...Series are a bunch of writers who collect true stories, odd lore, and creepy facts, and then share their findings with others at the holidays.  Wouldn't you like to be a part of their weirdness?  This winter, please revel in this limited-edition autographed volume of dark nonfiction and gothic history--complete with special extras from the minds behind the series--with tales of vampires, serial killers, the strange ways other cultures commemorate the dead...and the fine art of hair sculpture.
Chapters Include:
Ophelia Rising
H.H. Holmes
Lizzie Borden
Gettysburg Dime Museum
A Vampire Stalks Highgate
Weird Ways We Deal With Death
Order now and give them a book you won't find anywhere else.  Or buy a bunch of copies for yourself and creep out your family.  It's all good.


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Praise for the work of Matt Lake
"Just too ghoulish for today's workplace."
The Associated Press
"Like yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater."
W Michael Hoffman, Executive Director, Center for Business Ethics, Bentley College
"We will not be renewing your contract for next year.  It doesn't seem to be working out."
C Johnson Hall, former manager